Kaska International Law Firm

Kaska International Law Firm established in 2008 is a dynamic boutique law firm that provides professional legal services across a spectrum of local and particularly international legal areas. Kaska Law Firm renders a sophisticated advisory service in legal affairs, legal representation and dispute resolution within the Turkish Legal System.

Kaska International Law Firm, is preferred by clients due to our considerable success particulary in the fields of corporate and financial transactions, business law issues and complex dispute resolution. However the Kaska team has a wide range of individual legal experts and client base; from the private real estate to criminal law cases, and international corporate business affairs.  Our services are sensitively tailored to each individual clients needs and whilst each is unique all are approached with the same attentive and scrupulous approach.

Kaska International Law Firms’ team assists its foreign clients in their legal issues with their proficient command of English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Greek and Turkish.

Kaska International Law Firm, was set up by Mr.Baris Kaska in Izmir, the heart of Aegean Region and has won a prestigious reputation as a leader in the field of international legal consultancy in Turkey and beyond. It is the official legal consultant of the British, Irish, Norwegian and Embassies and continues to grow as a dynamic, innovative, results-oriented, leading Turkish Law firm..