Why not try Mediation? A quicker and less expensive resolution…

Mediation has been recognized by the Turkish legal system (Turkish Mediation Act on Civil Disputes dated  "theAct" or  "the Mediation Act" entered into force on 23 June 2013 ) and may be interpreted for our clients as

"…a voluntary disputere solution method implementing systematic techniques, enabling a communication process between parties and bringing them together for the purpose of negotiating, reaching an understanding and creating their own resolution’’

The advantages of which are pretty apparent;

  • Alternative but Legally founded out of court resolution
  • Costs considerablyless, court and attorney fees are exonerated and any on going case is postponed. One mediator represents both parties.
  • Time saved
  • Variation; Mediation may be used in many different legal situations because it is amore flexible route..
  • Confidentiality; The process and details of the dispute are strictly confidential
  • Mediation is an entirely Voluntary method
  • Equality- both parties own equal rights
  • Legally Binding; If the parties come to an agreement, they may request an annotation from the relevant court on the enforceability of this agreement. Such annotation gives the agreement the power of a court judgment.

Inbriefits is a more efficient less expensive and overall more peaceful way to solve an issue as the mediatoral ways tries to find a middle way for both parties essentially relieving stress on both sides and importantly in doing so preserves there lations between them. This is something that is especially valuable in the business domain.

Mediation is conducted with the assistance of an impartial and independent third person who has relevant expertise training. The requirements for registration include Turkish nationality, a degree in lawand a minimum of five years legal practice as well as completion of the relevant mediation education program and success in the exams to be held by the Ministry of Justice. 

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