Practice Areas

The Kaska International Law firm with its team of multi language lawyers and university law professors has an especially excellent background and success rate in foreign company and civil law. In our working areas of law we have resources to specific legal specialists of the highest order. 

Property Law

The Kaska International Law Firm provides legal assistance to international real estate corporations and to private buyers offering consultancy in transactions such as purchasing, transfer and leasing of real estates. The firm represents clients in every kind of dispute arising from such real estate transactions with its meticulous legalistic approach and prestigious track record in this particular field of law.

 We frequently advise on matters concerning:


  • Construction projects

  • Urban Redevelopment projects- a particular field of expertise in Izmir and Istanbul.

  • Real estate development, planning and land use

  • Real estate investment trusts and funds (REITs)

  • Hotels, shopping malls, resorts and tourism

  • Property tax

  • Environmental laws and regulations

  • Build-operate-transfer agreements

  • Lease agreements

Arbitration Law

The Kaska International Law firm represents domestic and international clients in varied lawsuits in the national and international arbitation institutions and ad hoc arbitral tribunals. Within this framework it has expertise and success in resolving disputes without seeking recourse to court. 

Intellectual Property Law

Kaska International Law Firm assists clients in representing them against any breach of their copyright trademark and patent rights. It provides a service for IP related trade regulations counterfeiting unfair trade and applications for the registration of trademarks and patents. Baris Kaska is a registered patent lawyer in this field. The following issues are within our legal expertise, Trademarks And Brands, Patents And Utility Models, Designs, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Reputation, Brands And Trade Names, Unfair Competition, Licensing, Know-how And Technology Transfer, Intellectual And Industrial Property Agreements, Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreements, Anti-counterfeiting, Registrations And Representation Services At Turkish And International Patent And Trademark Institutes, Innovations of Employees, Regulatory,andIP Disputes.

Insurance Law

The Kaska International Law Firm insurance law practice includes general consultancy and litigation for pension funds health insurance and other insurance matters. 

Company Law

Kaska International Law firm deals with all areas and issues arising within company law. We work on all phases of a company’s needs from the creation of new foreign companies, local and international joint ventures and consortia, articles of association and incorporation through mergers and aquistions to termination and liquidation. The company law service covers commericial and business areas such as Drafting, Negotiation, Management and Termination of Commercial Agreements And Contracts, Agency, Distributorship And Dealership, Marketing And Advertising, Franchising, Manufacturing And Supply Regulatory Permissions And Licenses, International Sales of Goods, Customs, Free Trade Zones, Trade, Import And Export Regulations, Exchange Regulations, Trade And Export Finance, Transportation Agreements, Standards, Sanctions, Anti-Damping And Quotas, Competition And Anti-Trust, Unfair Competition, Customs Unions Between Turkey And The EU , Free Trade Agreements, WTO, Consumer Protection and Product Liability, Black Lists, Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption, Insurance and Reinsurance, Commercial Disputes.

European Union Law

As a firm with a speciality in international law we have a special interest and success in the field of European Union Law. 

Family and Civil Law

The Kaska International Firm assists in the legal resolution of all family, divorce and inheritance issues both domestic and international including Debatable Divorce Suit, Uncontested Divorce Suit, Separation Suit, Rejection of Bloodline Suit, Paternity Suit, Liquidation of Legal Property Suit, Share Receivable Suit, Transition to Extraordinary Property Suit, Subsistence and Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Damages requests and custody matters along with Divorce Suit, Change of Custody Suit, Return and Delivery of Children, Limitation for the Rights of the Defendant Arising from the Company Shares Considered as Family Properties, Limitation for the Power of Appointment of the Spouse, Suspension from the Communal Residence related to the Protection of Family Law, Making Judgment for staying away from the family members. 

Child Abduction Law

This is a particular area of speciality in the firm, especially relating to cases of international child abduction.

Criminal Law

 Kaska Law Firm renders consultancy services from investigation and pre-litigation stages to litigation and enforcement stages with regard to all procedures and processes bearing risk of criminal sanction.

Labour Law

Kaska International Law Firm works in close proximity to the human resources departments of its clients, ensuring that all procedures during the employment process from beginning to end are conducted in compliance with the necessary legal regulations, and provides support in redrafting implementations of its clients for their compliance with legislation when necessary.

Some of the services provided in the field of Labour and Social Security Law include:

•  Preparing drafts of collective labour agreements and managing negotiations
•  Resolving termination of contracts and severance issues through litigation or settlement
•  Consultancy on criminal and legal liabilities with regard to occupational accidents and diseases and conducting the required works to fulfil obligations occupational accidents and diseases and conducting the required works to fulfil obligations
•  Ensuring the conformity of working environments with legislation in force, especially with regard to health and safety
•  Updating and/or re­drafting employment contracts and related procedures under implementations of the Supreme Court
•  Drafting reports, defence request letters, notices and notifications of termination for each occasion
•  Rendering training services with regard to liabilities arising from Labour Law, Social Security Law and Unemployment Insurance Law
•  Settling disputes with regard to trade union activities.

Mobbing Cases

This is a field of particular success at the Kaska International Law Firm